With this creation, Maison Hennessy set out to pay tribute to one of the family’s historic figureheads, James Hennessy, who conquered new territories and endeavoured to spread the success of Hennessy far beyond the quays of Cognac. In the new blend that carries his name, the Maison’s Master Blender has conceived an elegant and contemporary new cognac, which slowly releases its notes.

This cognac reveals its character with measured restraint. Created through a rigorous selection of the finest and most intense eaux-de-vie, graced with a wonderful balance of soft wood tannins, it betrays nothing of the long and meticulous creative process behind its genesis. And yet, with its multitude of aromas and flavours, it offers up an experience truly intense.

Slowly and deliberately, James Hennessy unveils its notes of roasted almonds and mild tobacco. A finely balanced structure in which even the smallest detail counts, with endless waves of flavour revealing notes of fresh apricot and subtle hints of pistachio. A superb and enduring finish serves to prolong the sensation.