Specially conceived to suit the palates of Chinese consumers, who appreciate cognacs of a well-structured, fresh and energetic nature. Standing apart from the conventions of the classic cognac, Hennessy Classivm establishes a new style, while unarguably descending in line from the tradition of Hennessy savoir-faire.

The eaux-de-vie in this blend are an expression of the most delicate balance, at once vigorous and finely structured, aged for the greater part in new and partially used barrels. Pioneering a new style, intense and invigorating, this modern interpretation of cognac offers a delightful contrast between the youthful vigour of its eaux-de-vie and the vitality of its spice. Juniper berry, fresh mint and white pepper mingle with notes of liquorice on a finely structured palate of great balance.

Thus, Hennessy Classivm lends itself to a multitude of innovative uses and combinations, perhaps mixed with green tea or in a long drink with a dash of balancing citrus.