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Maison Hennessy has been creating one of the finest cognacs since 1765. With the James Hennessy blend, the Tasting Committee today pays tribute to one of its historic figureheads: a pioneering entrepreneur and accomplished traveller, who always had an innate understanding of the need to explore new horizons.

This is an exceptional cognac that displays beautiful shades of amber with highlights of bronze, and offers layers of smooth, toasty aromas. Silky, yet well structured, this drink expands across the palate with notes reminiscent of blood peach and roasted almonds, while giving way to an outstanding finish. To be enjoyed neat or on ice.

Tasting colour: Beautiful shades of amber are punctuated by soft highlights of pink and bronze, offering glimpses of an initially unsuspected purity.
Tasting nose: Suggestions of mild tobacco and light wisps of smoke combine subtly with toasty notes. Hints of roasted almonds intermingle and merge in complete harmony with Madagascar vanilla to produce soft and delicately perfumed notes.
Tasting palate: The nose follows through to a palate of elegance and restraint, enhanced by fresher flavours reminiscent of apricot, then pistachio and blood peach. This aromatic subtlety is echoed by the purity and textured precision found in James Hennessy. This cognac, silky yet well structured, evokes both the suppleness of a finely woven fabric and the airy lightness of a génoise sponge: a universe where natural character and perfection become entwined.
Tasting finish: James Hennessy expands across the palate, revealing endless layers of warm fruit flavours. In order to appreciate all of its nuances, it should therefore be enjoyed neat or over ice, as the unveiling of its manifold secrets is never-ending delight.


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