Hennessy Paradis Imperial is the jewel of the Hennessy collection, the unprecedented alliance of age and finesse.
It embodies the apogee of the art of selection, the relentless quest for the finest eaux-de-vie & savoir-faire, passed down through 8 generations of Fillioux family Master Blenders.
From any given harvest, the average number of eaux-de-vie with the potential to one day join this blend are a rare few: only 10 out of 10 000. Identifying and nurturing such finesse requires ultimate expertise and talent.
The Master Blender savoir-faire is also to define the right ageing conditions to raise a fine eau-de-vie to its point of elegance: the decisive and fleeting moment when the eau-de-vie reaches its apogee, ready to join the blend.
Hennessy Paradis Imperial is a cognac never experience before, the unprecedented alliance of age & finesse. It is a blend of unique character imbued with unexpected contrasts and an ethereal grace. Its celadon-tinged golden hue is surprisingly lighter than that of other traditional cognacs. This is due to the use of mature oak casks, which have few tannins, to preserve finesse. Likewise, despite the age of its eaux-de-vie, Hennessy Paradis Imperial features a light structure and an absolutely delicate yet persistent finish characterized by floral notes that are as pure and crisp as a spring day, edged with a smoky, spicy accent.