The stunning images in the “Made of Precision” campaign highlight the secret behind the jewel of the Hennessy Collection.

For Hennessy, Hennessy Paradis Imperial embodies the pinnacle of cognac craftsmanship. A blend of eaux-de-vie of exceptional finesse, this resolutely contemporary cognac is born of the house’s art of selection and, as such, represents the craftsmanship of seven generations of Master Blenders.  

This month, Hennessy Paradis Imperial spotlights its unique know-how in the brand’s first-ever worldwide advertising campaign. In it, the many facets of the master blender’s art are illustrated through a trio of images made using photography and data capturing. The result is an of-the-moment allegory for the extreme precision that goes into crafting Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

The Result of a Precise Selection: 10 in 10,000

Hennessy Paradis Imperial embodies the apogee of the Hennessy art of selection. From any given harvest, the average number of eaux-de-vie with the potential to one day join this blend are a rare few: only 10 out of 10 000. Identifying and nurturing such finesse requires the ultimate in expertise and talent.

A Blend of Eaux-de-Vie at their “Point of Elegance”

The Master Blender’s savoir-faire is defining the right ageing conditions to raise a fine eau-de-vie to its point of elegance: the decisive and fleeting moment when the eau-de-vie reaches its apogee and is ready to join the Hennessy Paradis Imperial blend.

At Hennessy, selecting the finest eaux-de-vie is more than a science — it is an art.

Says Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s seventh generation of Hennessy Master Blenders and Creator of Hennessy Paradis Impérial, “My predecessors were able to foresee which eaux-de-vie would become remarkable, and they understood how to age and protect them for the future. In that sense, Hennessy Paradis Imperial is their creation: it is a resolutely forward-looking blend that embodies the transmission of seven generations know-how. The unprecedented alliance of age and finesse makes the Hennessy Paradis Imperial experience unlike any other.”

Hennessy Paradis Imperial: The unprecedented alliance of age and finesse

Hennessy Paradis Imperial is a blend of unique character imbued with unexpected contrasts and an ethereal grace. Crafted using a selection of Hennessy’s finest eaux-de-vie, its celadon-tinged golden hue is surprisingly lighter than that of traditional cognacs. This is due to the use of mature oak casks, which have few tannins, to ensure the blend’s finesse. Likewise, despite the age of its eaux-de-vie, Hennessy Paradis Imperial features a light structure and an absolutely delicate yet persistent finish characterized by floral notes that are as pure and crisp as a spring day, edged with a smoky, spicy accent.


From the French region of Cognac and throughout its 250-year history, Hennessy has proudly perpetuated an exceptional heritage based on adventure, discovery and cultivating the best that nature and man can offer. Hennessy’s longevity and success across five continents reflect the values the Maison has upheld since its creation: the transmission of a unique savoir-faire, the constant (con)quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts some of the most iconic, prestigious cognacs in the world.

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