Les Visites Hennessy:
an experience at the heart of the Maison Hennessy

The Maison Hennessy offers an unprecedented experience through 4 proposals of multi-sensory, dynamic and immersive tours.

From a simple discovery visit of one hour to half a day of immersion in the most private places of the Maison, through the boutique in Cognac, each visitor will find the tour that suits him by booking on lesvisites.hennessy.com

Four ways to discover the Hennessy experience

While crossing the Charente by boat, one goes behind the scenes of the House in the footsteps of the 8 generations of the Hennessy family and the Fillioux family, the Hennessy Masters Blenders.

Available year-round and accompanied by a private tour guide, Les Visites Hennessy feature a range of experiences that mix tradition with elements of surprise. Each includes the discovery of an authentic cognac aging cellar still in operation, the tasting ritual with two cognacs and culminate in the estate’s gift shop, the only place in the world that brings together this many Hennessy collections, limited editions and truly exceptional cognacs.

“Hennessy Signature”: Discover the world of Hennessy cognacs

A perfect blend of authenticity and modernity, guided by an expert this circuit allows visitors to discover the history, know-how and secrets of Hennessy in a streamlined, modern staging. The highlight of this visit is a tasting ritual that demystifies the process behind the crafting of Hennessy V.S and Hennessy V.S.O.P.

  • Tasting of Hennessy V.S and Hennessy V.S.O.P
  • Duration: 11/2 hours – 18€ per person
“Hennessy X.O Symbol”: The Hennessy X.O experience

After learning about the history, know-how and brand universe, the visitor will discover one of the House’s references dating back to 1870: Hennessy X.O. Over the course of a tasting, neat and on ice, with an ice cube specially developed to optimize the diffusion of the cognac’s aromatic notes, the visitor will gain a full appreciation of this emblematic cognac’s aromatic subtlety.

  • Tasting of Hennessy V.S.O.P and Hennessy X.O
  • Duration: 11/2 hours – 33€ per person
“Hennessy Exception”: A behind-the-scenes discovery of exceptional cognacs

A guided tour for a small groups that explores the history, know-how and universe of Hennessy. This circuit offers a behind-the-scenes look into the making of exceptional cognacs at Le Paradis, the cellar reserved for aging the house’s very old eaux-de-vie. It culminates in a private salon for a refined tasting ritual.

  • Tasting of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis
  • Duration: 2 hours – 75 € per person. Visit available only by reservation for a minimum of two people.
“From the Vine to Cognac”: An exceptional private tour organizes in function of the seasons

The most private tours of the Maison Hennessy. Proposed throughout the year, this tour unfolds according to the rhythm of the seasons and the production cycle of eaux-de-vie. Guests will be granted behind the scenes access to exclusive areas that ordinarily are closed to the public, such as the vineyard and distillery, where they will gain new insight into the art of blending and tasting rituals. A unique multi-sensorial experience.

  • Tasting of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis
  • Duration: ½ day – 250 € per person. Visit only by reservation, from two people.

Practical information:
Rue de la Richonne – 16100 Cognac – France – + 33 (5) 45 35 06 44

  • Opening hours:

From April to mid June: Open from Tuesday to Sunday (except for May 1st). Visits: 9:45am to 5pm. Gift shop: from 9:45am to 7pm

From mid June to October: Open daily. Visits: 9:45am to 5pm. Gift Shop: from 9:45am to 7pm.

From November to March: Open from Tuesday to Saturday. Visits: 10:45am, 2pm and 4pm. Gift shops: from 10:30am to 12:30pm and 1:45pm to 6pm.

  • Languages

All year round guided tours are available in French, English, Spanish and Chinese. From April to October, tours are available in German and Russian.

  • Information and reservations available on : www.lesvisites.hennessy.com


The leader in Cognac, the Maison Hennessy has shined around the world with its exceptional blends for more than 250 years. Built on founder Richard Hennessy's spirit of conquest, the brand is present in more than 130 countries. Based in the heart of the Charente region, Hennessy is also a steadfast pillar of the regional economy, the standerd-bearer for a sector rich in expertise. The House's success and longevity are rooted in the excellence of its cognacs, each of which is born of a unique process of transmission from generation to generation. The first wine and spirits house to be certified ISO 14001, Hennessy unites its capacity for innovation and the support of all of its partners to protect this exceptional area. As the crown jewel of the LVMH Group, Hennessy is a major contributor to French international trade, with 99% of production sold in export, and a world wide ambassador for the French art de vivre.

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